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Miniature Traction Engine Rally & Steampunk Weekend

Miniature Traction Engine Rally and Steampunk Weekend
3rd & 4th June
A weekend with a difference!!! Come and see what Steampunk is all about!
Market stalls, live music, street entertainers - and of course you can get steam train rides!
What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a growing sub-culture based on "Victorian Retro-Futuristic Science Fiction and Fantasy” – with distinct nods to the writings of Jules Verne and H G Wells and films such as The League of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen, it is appealing across all age ranges and is very family friendly.


At the Buckinghamshire Steampunk Weekend, we have lots of live entertainment and specialist steampunk traders, who can help with outfits, accoutrements, and accessories if visitors want to join in and get into the spirit of the event! The look is endlessly varied from Pith Helmeted Explorers, Military types defending The Empire, Space Adventurers, Airship Pirates, with charity shops an excellent place to look for that first outfit. A tweed jacket, flash waistcoat and a cloth cap and you are just as splendid as the next chap – and for ladies there is even more diversity, with corsets extremely popular.

Entertainment is being provided by Ichabod Steam and his Animatronic Band with twice daily performances of his dark-sweet steampunk gothic horror love story "The Arc of The Spark”, plus Escapologist, Magician, Story-Teller, Unicyclist and Juggler Greg Chapman, Fire Performer and Burlesque Dance Scarlet Butterfly, and two top musical duos, Moth from London  and Kiss Like Ether from Wiltshire.  A Steampunk Cabaret Night is also being arranged at Quainton Memorial Hall on the Saturday night.

This is on top of the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre’s usual offerings, which for this event will include full size steam trains offering rides on both days, as well as rides on their miniature steam railway.

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