Please see below for some of our most asked questions: 

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: Face coverings should be worn in all indoor areas e.g. café, shop, museum. However, as our train carriages are split into separate compartments, each family is able to have their own compartment, so face coverings are not necessary here. 

Q: Is it ok to remove my face covering in your café?

A: You are asked to wear face masks or coverings until you have sat down with your food or drink. Once at a table all visitors are welcome to remove their face coverings and to enjoy their meal or drink.

Q: Our arrival slot is 10.30am – do we have to arrive at 10.30am?

A: No, the arrival slots are timed every hour and are designed to spread out the arrival of visitors to limit queuing. You can arrive anytime between 10.30am-11.30am and so on. It is preferable if you arrive within the hour’s slot, but if you are a little late, it should be ok. Although, if we are overly busy, we do have to reserve the right to refuse entry. Please note that last admittance will be 3pm for 2.30pm arrival slot.

Q: Will the café be open?

A: Yes, we will be selling a reduced menu of takeaway, hot and cold food and drinks.

Q: Will we be able to use contactless payment around the site? 

A: We can take card payments at all of our till points in the gift shop, bookshop and the café. The Miniature Railway accepts cash & card, £1 per ride.  

Q: If you are operating a one-way system, does this mean we will be herded round at the same pace as all the other visitors?

A: No. You can go at whatever speed you like. All we ask is that you do not double back and go against the one-way system. You are more than welcome to go around twice! So far, our open days have been relatively quiet and our visitors are enjoying very peaceful and relaxing visits.

 Q: We just want to come for a train ride, do we have to follow the circular route?

A: No! If you want, you can skip the walk and go straight to the train ride and you can have as many train rides as you would like so long as you are happy to get off the train and queue again.

 Q: Can we just come to visit the Railway Museum and/or Visitor Centre?

A: Yes! But to get to the Museum you will have to follow the one-way, circular walk there and back to the visitor centre.

 Q: I'm in a wheelchair, can I still see everything?

A: Due to having to implement our new one-way system, some parts of our site are harder to access, please call the office on 01296 655720 and we can discuss the options with you.

 Q: How long is the train ride and how often does it run?

A: We are a working railway museum and only have 1/3 mile length of track. The steam train will take you to the end and back twice. It takes roughly 10-15 minutes. The train brings you back and then waits for other visitors to embark and goes off again after about 10 minutes. So if you miss one, do not worry, you will not have to wait long for another one!  

 Q: Do train rides run all day?

A: The train runs all day long apart from an hour when the train crew has a lunch break, but this will be advertised on the board by Platform 4.

 Q: What hygiene measures are in place?

A: We have installed hand sanitisers all around the site. We have a member of staff dedicated to cleaning high-use areas, like the toilets, benches, bins & railings throughout the day and ensuring that sanitisers are kept topped up. Doors are left open wherever possible to limit touching surfaces. The carriage doors on the train are opened and closed by the platform staff only and after each train ride they go inside and clean down interior doors and windows. Visitors are encouraged to make use of sanitisers when entering an area or building. All purchase points have perspex screens fitted and payment machines are wiped down after each use.

 Q: Can I still bring my dog?

A: Yes! Well behaved dogs on leads are always welcome. There is usually a bowl of water by the door going out of the visitor centre to the site.

 Q: I have a Local/Bicester pass, do I still need to pre-book?

A: Yes please. Your visit will still be ‘free’, but we need to know exactly how many people are coming each day. Please use the member log in.

 Q: My Local/Bicester pass has run out; can I renew it?

A: Yes, please call the office on 01296 655720, ahead of your visit and we will re-new it over the phone.

 Q: As we haven’t been able to use our Local/Bicester Pass yet this season, will you be extending the expiry dates?

A: Yes, we will extend all passes for four months – just bring your old one along for now.

 Q: I am a member; do I still need to pre-book?

A: Yes please. Your visit will still be ‘free’, but we need to know exactly how many people are coming each day. Please use the member log in.

Q: I have a two-year old and a baby who are free, do I still need to pre-book their tickets?

A: Yes please. They will still get in for free, but we need to know exactly how many people are coming each day.

Q: I’ve got tickets to an event that was postponed earlier this year, can I still use them?

A: Please hold on to your ticket as we will be re-scheduling the event as soon as we are able to. As a thank you, you will also receive a complimentary steaming day voucher for 2021. These will be issued early next year.