Friends of the Railway

Meet our sponsors! 

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the following companies, who very generously help us to succeed.......

We have a variety of "Friends of the Railway" who have donated funds to help us kick start or complete projects or have supplied goods or services to help keep the age of steam alive! 
Look at some of the amazing companies that really have made a huge difference to us! 


Offering a wide range of IT support for both business and home users, including data recovery, data   backup, cloud services, and cyber security. Click on the logo to visit their website or call 01869 320646 or email for more information. 

The Computer Clinic very kindly supplied us with brand new computer equipment for our office!    


Nige at Rubicon Drones has brought his drone and camera equipment to several of our events to offer free drone footage of these events for promotional purposes, which he has done totally free of charge to help us out! We really rate the work he has done for us, so if you're in need of commercial aerial drone footage for your wedding, a conference or for building survey purposes, we'd highly recommend him! Nige is an experienced CAA certified commercial drone operator, who specialises in drone videography & photography, building & roof inspections and ground filming. More details of his services and numerous examples of his work for clients can be found on his


Barwood Homes have generously donated funds to enable us to start our outside catering project!

A much needed additional food outlet during our busy event days, and a takeaway cafe opening on Mondays to Fridays!

Coffee anyone?  Watch this space for more updates on how we are getting on!

Visit their website for the latest developments in your area:                                                                         


Can't come along and see us for a while? Don't worry, no need to miss out! Take a look at our virtual tour! 
One of our amazing members very kindly donated an enormous amount of time and expertise to produce our very own virtual tour around the site! Look inside carriages, walk around the Visitor Centre, and enjoy an aerial view!

CLICK HERE to take a look!

Check out Sharon's photography and services on offer at or 

Would you like to help? Would you like more information on what it means to be a "Friend of the Railway"?

Contact us on 01296 655720 or email to find out more! 

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