New York Subway Car

Wow, what an exciting day we had on Thursday 17th June! We've moved our New York Subway car from being hidden behind the Visitor Centre to pride of place at the front of the site! We will be converting it to a new little coffee shop. It has been a huge logistical undertaking, which has been sponsored by Barwood Homes, who are about to start work on a housing development next to The Railway. This is such a exciting project for our heritage railway, creating a new space for our visitors to enjoy, but also celebrating a rare railway artefact!

Restoration work is underway now with the 1980s interior being taken out, whilst carefully working around some of the stunning original interiors to keep them in tact. The floor was completely rotten, so there's a lot of work to do. If anyone would like to help or can offer their services, please do get in touch 01296 655720 or email

Thank you!


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