The Panto Express with Father Christmas

See Father Christmas whilst enjoying a steam train ride and watch a pantomime – all in one amazing Christmas experience! This year's mini pantomime is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Running time approximately 20-25 mins.

If you know which tickets you would like to book, CLICK HERE TO BOOK. Otherwise, please read on!

The Panto Express! What to expect and what tickets to choose:
All aboard The Panto Express to enjoy a visit from Father Christmas, plus, enjoy our mini family pantomime, brought to you by a professional touring theatre company! 

Goldilocks & the Three Bears! A classic fairy tale that everyone knows and loves - with loveable characters and fabulous costumes!

See Father Christmas in a 'Grotto with a Difference' - on a vintage steam train! Why queue for hours when you can sit on a steam train and wait for Santa to come to you?! You will be shown to your compartment on the steam train, and you will be taken up and down our 1/3 mile length of track whilst you wait for Father Christmas, who will be making his way along the train visiting all the children. When he comes to you, one of his elves will pull gifts for the children from his huge toy sack! This year, the train journey should last 25 minutes. Please note there are no toilets on the trains, but plenty around the site for you to use before your train ride. Once your train arrives back at Platform 4, make your way to the Pantomime seating at the far end of the Visitor Centre, sit back and enjoy the show! Enjoy the festive Christmas atmosphere inside our large Visitor Centre with decorations, huge Christmas tree, festive music, plus cafe and gift shop.

Ticket types: Bronze v Silver v Gold...
This year, we have pre-empted that most of you would prefer a private compartment to yourselves, but that some of you might be happy to pay less and share a compartment with another family. To this end, we have introduced a new Bronze/Silver/Gold booking scheme:

GOLD: £21.50pp (whole First Class compartment for 6 people) Click here to book Gold Tickets
Book a private First Class compartment, for up to six people. These are sold as a whole compartment price. These are our most popular seats! Our GOLD ticket holders enjoy the larger and plusher seats of their First Class compartment, plus, they include seats in the front two rows at the Pantomime. (Minimum booking is for 6 people. If you have less than 6 people you can still book a private compartment but the price will be for 6 people.)

SILVER: Silver tickets: £19.50pp (whole standard compartment for 6-8 people) Click here to book Silver Tickets
When booking SILVER tickets, you are booking a private Standard compartment for up to 8 people. (Minimum booking 6 people, but if you have less than 6 people in your party, you can still book a private compartment but the price will be for 6 people.)

BRONZE: Bronze tickets £17.50pp (shared standard compartment) Click to book Bronze Tickets
When booking BRONZE tickets, you are booking single tickets within a shared Standard compartment. Please note: you will share your compartment with members of other parties. Minimum booking is for 1 person.


Session times: (The time you book is the 'ARRIVE BY' time)

Arrive by         Train              Panto

10:00               10:25               11:15
10:55               11:15               12:05
11:50               12:10               13:00
12:45               13:05               13:55
14:00               14:20               15:05
14:55               15:15               16:00

Saturday 4th December
Sunday 5th December

Saturday 11th December
Sunday 12th December

Saturday 18th December
Sunday 19th December
Monday 20th December
Tuesday 21st December

Bronze tickets £17.50pp (shared standard compartment)
Silver tickets: £19.50pp (whole standard compartment for 6-8 people)
Gold tickets: £21.50pp (whole First Class compartment for 6 people)
Babies: £5.00 (under 12 months)

Important points to note: