Help us to restore D245 No. 836

The Great Northern Railway Society are teaming up with us here to help restore this unique carriage to its former glory!

Donations are being sought to help finance the project, starting with the transportation from Tanfield to Quainton, where it will be stored undercover and then restoration will begin within our carriage and wagon team.

Diagram 245 consisted of the largest number of 6 wheel carriages on the GNR pre-1905.

When Gresley arrived, even though some of them were of different lengths, they were all assigned to this diagram. Later, some went to be part of the various articulated units that were constructed after their underframes were life expired.

Described by the Vintage Carriages Trust as “very important”, we believe that our carriage was built around 1891. Although we do not know much of its history, it appears to have been a camping carriage at some time before ending its career at NCB Consett, as a mess van.

The D245 has survived in as complete a form as we could hope for after 130 years, and it makes a great basis for a restoration.

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