Community Projects

We are continuously working with local groups and projects to make a positive contribution to our community

We are delighted to be able to house the Buckinghamshire Library of Things: ‘I’d Like to Borrow’. This is an initiative to reduce costs & waste in Buckinghamshire by repairing and lending items to the community. The scheme is run out of our Visitor Centre and people can donate and collect hired items here.

For more information please visit their website or facebook page.

We are looking forward to the next project in the pipeline: The Repair Shop – more details to follow!

Did you know that we are now home to an apiary?

The local beekeeper began to struggle with the maintenance of the hives and reached out to see if anyone could help. A new group was formed with members of the railway and we successfully moved the hives during the summer months.  

Keep an eye out for our very own Heritage Hives Honey and wax in the gift shop soon! 

We work closely with Bernwode Bus and have a food donation bin here for your donations. During the year we run an event where we ask people to bring along a can of food for the food bin and a child gets in for free!